14th November

We All Have 2 Choices in Life … by Jim Rohn

Each of us has two distinct choices to make about what we will do with our lives.

The first choice we can make is to be less than we have the capacity to be. To earn less. To have less. To read less and think less. To try less and discipline ourselves less. These are the choices that lead to an empty life— the the choices that, once made, lead to a life of constant apprehension instead of a life of wondrous anticipation.

And the second choice? To do it all! To become all that we can possibly be. To read every book that we possibly can. To earn as much as we possibly can. To give and share as much as we possibly can. To strive and produce and accomplish as much as we possibly can. All of us have the choice.

To do or not to do. To be or not to be. To be all or to be less or to be nothing at all.

Like the tree, it would be a worthy challenge for us all to stretch upward and outward to the full measure of our capabilities. Why not do all that we can, every moment that we can, the best that we can, for as long as we can?

Our ultimate life objective should be to create as much as our talent and ability and desire will permit— to settle for doing less than we could do is to fail in this worthiest of undertakings.

Results are the best measurement of human progress. Not conversation. Not explanation. Not justification. Results! And if our results are less than our potential suggests that they should be, then we must strive to become more today than we were the day before. The greatest rewards are always reserved for those who bring great value to themselves and the world around them as a result of whom and what they have become.


7th November

The Result of Your Life Is Determined by a Few Simple Disciplines
by Jim Rohn

The Result of Your Life Is Determined by a Few Simple DisciplinesThe time for practice is over. Practice time was while we were growing up. Practice time was while we were in school.

We are now full participants in the game of life and our opponent is human mediocrity. In the absence of intense and intelligent human activity, the weeds of failure will move in to destroy the small amount of progress that our efforts have created. We cannot afford to wait for the “two-minute warning.” We cannot afford to wait until the last few minutes to discover that our game plan isn’t working. And we cannot afford to wait until the last few ticks of the clock to become intense about life’s opportunities.

We must challenge ourselves right now with a new level of thinking, and drive ourselves toward a new level of achievement.

We must impose upon ourselves a new discipline and develop a new attitude about life that motivates us and inspires others.

We cannot keep waiting for a foolproof opportunity to come by before we force ourselves to get serious. We must identify our current opportunity and embrace it. We must breathe our talent and our vigor and our new sense of urgency into it and discover all that we can do.

We cannot allow ourselves to dwell upon the risks in every opportunity. Instead, we must seize the opportunity inherent in every risk, knowing that we must sometimes run the risk of going too far in order to discover how far we really can go.

You can do it! You can change your life, and you can start right now simply by developing a new sense of urgency. Remember, the clock is ticking. You have the ability to achieve whatever you want if you will just begin the process now.

It is easy to achieve success and happiness. And it is easy not to achieve them.

The final result of your life will be determined by whether you made too many errors in judgment, repeated every day, or whether you dedicated your life to a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.

The discipline of strengthening and broadening your philosophy.

The discipline of developing a better attitude.

The discipline of engaging in more intense and consistent activity that will lead to the achievement of greater results.

The discipline of studying your results in order to anticipate the future more objectively. The discipline of living life more fully and investing all of your experiences in your better future.

These are the challenges to which you must apply your talent and your intensity with a sense of urgency and unshakeable resolve.

May the pieces to your life puzzle come together smoothly, and may you enjoy the picture of that finished masterpiece as a result of your unwavering commitment to mastering the basics.


31st October

4 Ways to Reach Your Personal Best
by John C. Maxwell

Look in the mirror—that’s your competition.

To reach your personal best, you need to learn how to challenge the person in the mirror. He or she is your toughest adversary. Discovering how to overcome your limitations, fears, self-doubts— and the tendency to write off those last two minutes in the pool— will do more for your development than defeating a dozen competitors. Here’s what to do.

1. Be growth-minded, not goal-minded.
I love to win, and you probably do, too. It’s natural to make winning your ultimate goal, like a sports team hungering for a championship ring or a swimmer wanting to set a record. But you have to be careful about directing too much energy into one goal, like Nyad’s late-in-life swim.

If you obsess over a singular event, what happens if you lose? Or for that matter, what happens after you win? Ever heard of a Super Bowl hangover? A lot of times, the champs flounder the next season.

That’s why I like to concentrate on growth rather than goals: That game is never over. We’re not distraught if we’ve lost, and we haven’t peaked if we’ve won. There’s always room to improve.

Nyad’s career was actually a succession of accomplishments: She had broken the women’s world record for a 22-mile swim from Capri to Naples, Italy; shattered the top time for swimming around Manhattan by an hour; and trounced the open-ocean world record for men and women in a 102.5-mile swim from the Bahamas to Florida. She grew, setting new marks time and again.

Would anybody have thought less of her if she never again put on a swimsuit? Of course not. But she saw an opportunity to grow further and set a new standard—for swimmers and for all of us worried about the limits of aging bodies.

She met that goal and set another: Nyad and her Cuba swim expedition leader Bonnie Stoll have founded EverWalk, a campaign to improve health by walking. Nyad and Stoll call it the “biggest walking initiative in American history.”

2. Emphasize gradual progress.
Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows fixating on the big number is a sure way to fail. Twenty pounds is intimidating—and discouraging when the scale seems to barely budge; 2 pounds is manageable. Achieve a 2-pound goal 10 times, and you drop two sizes and earn a shopping trip.

Yes, emphasizing growth over goals is critical, but goals do have their place in competition. I think of them as milestones on the journey of growth. Set incremental ones—as with the weight-loss example—and celebrate each time you achieve one before moving to the next.

Developing small disciplines helps. As part of my daily work routine, for example, I read or listen to someone else’s teaching with a goal of capturing at least one quote to use in future speaking opportunities. Salespeople make phone calls daily, touching base with past clients and reaching out to prospects; the most successful ones have the discipline to make a set number of calls daily, with an occasional challenge day in which they push themselves to dial a few more.

Big success tomorrow depends on the little things you do today.

3. Develop your strengths.
When I was growing up, my parents encouraged me to find the one thing I did best and channel my energy toward it. This was incredibly liberating. I didn’t have to worry about being all things to all people. I could simply grow my given talents, pushing myself to be better and better.

Countless athletes play multiple sports as kids. But the ones who go on to play in college or professionally almost always give up a sport they play well to focus on one in which they can become great. The same applies to you: Identify your natural strengths and pursue them with passion.

Research bears this out. For years, Gallup has studied the advantages of developing strengths instead of trying to fix weaknesses. One finding: People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job. You won’t push yourself to new heights if your heart isn’t in your work.

4. Partner with other winners.
Learning to push yourself is critical. But it’s easy to lose sight of how well you’re doing or pinpoint your weaknesses if you depend only on your own perspective.

The solution? Get a mentor. I’ve had the privilege of being coached by some of the brightest people in their fields. It is amazing how much difference their insight and advice make. Years ago while working on my first book, I was lucky enough to partner with publishing professional Les Stobbe. I sent him samples of my work and asked for his opinion because I was worried about the quality. I appreciated his writing tips (and I’m sure my readers did, too!), but what I really valued was his encouragement. Largely because of him, I pushed myself to write and write and write. I can reach a far greater audience in print than I ever could as a speaker.

Back to Nyad: Her quest initially failed. Jellyfish attacked. Their stings felt like fire, and their poison started to shut down her respiratory system. At the time, she said her dream was crushed.

Only it wasn’t. Those slimy critters didn’t extinguish her competitive flame. In another attempt in 2013, at age 64, she swam from Key West to Havana—the first person to do so without a protective cage. Nyad had vowed to find a way, and for her triumphant effort, she wore a suit and mask that protected her from stings.

“Never, ever give up,” she said in interviews following her feat.

We can all live by those words.


24th October

Being Successful Is a Personal Choice
by Jim Rohn.

Success is not a stereotype. Success is not an automobile. It’s not a house. It’s not a plan. It’s not money in the bank. That’s not success. Success is the continual unfolding of the design of our life and pulling it off. That’s what success is. Being successful in whatever you want to do that makes sense to you, for you and your family. Take on responsibilities or refuse them, it’s all up to you. We’ve been given the power of choice.

Every life form except human beings operates by instinct in the genetic code. It has no multiple choice. Only humans have multiple choice. In the winter, the goose flies south. Why? Because he’s a goose. He couldn’t fly west. If you said to the goose it’d be better to go west this year, he’d ignore that advice. He’d keep on flying south. Why? He has no alternative. He has no other way. He is only driven, as all life forms are driven, by instinct in the genetic code.

Except human beings. Now why not human beings? Because we’ve been given the dignity of choice. We’re not like a robot. We’re not stuck like a tree, using up all the nourishment and, with nothing left, you die because you can’t change locations. Not true. Humans can go north, south, east, west. Humans can change and do anything they want to do. We’ve been given the dignity.

But here’s what’s interesting about all life forms except humans: Every life form except humans strives to the max of its potential. How tall will a tree grow? As tall as it possibly can. You’ve never heard of a tree growing half as high as it could. No, that is impossible. A tree grows as high as it can, drives down every root it can, produces every leaf it can, extends itself as far as it possibly can. Every life form extends to the max, except human beings. Now why not human beings? Because we’re not robots. We’ve been given the dignity of choice.

Do It All or Don’t
Be part of or all of what you have the potential to be. You’ve got the choice. Do a little to make yourself comfortable and forget the rest, or do it all. There’s nobody here to dictate you’ve got to do it all. That’s nonsense. You’ve got to be rich because we live in a rich country. That’s nonsense. You don’t have to be rich. You don’t have to do it all. You can do a little, do some, do some more. Take advice, but don’t take orders. Take information, training, teaching, but don’t take orders from anyone who tells you how you need to live and what you need to own and what you need to do. Somebody says, “Well, you need to be successful.” That’s a personal choice, being successful. What we teach is the possibilities, and everybody chooses. Take a little, take a lot, do something, do nothing or ignore the subject.

Abraham Lincoln said, “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master.” Excellent philosophy. A guy says, “Hey, I’m soon cashing it in and I’m heading for the mountains. I’m going to live in a little cabin, live off the land and feed the squirrels.” If he goes and does that, guess what—he’s a smashing success. Why? He’s doing what he designed to do and pulled it off. You can’t say, “No, no, that’s not successful.” That is the epitome of success—giving a design to your life and pulling it off to make progress in the direction that satisfies you. If it doesn’t satisfy you, make alternatives and change. If you get some better ideas, sure, you might follow someone’s suggestions and ideas, but not orders.

Design Your Life
Design your own life like you want it. Now if you can take on some responsibilities, you’ve got to consider those. Yes, you can ignore your responsibilities, but you won’t feel good about that. Here’s what the old prophet said: “Some things that taste good now in the mouth turn bitter later in the belly.” So you don’t want to sacrifice.

We all must suffer one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. What we suggest to everybody is to consider the disciplines because disciplines weigh ounces; regrets weigh tons. You don’t want to substitute a discipline for a regret. In our opinion that would be a poor choice. Now you can do it, but some things are poor tradeoffs. The old prophet said, “What if you gain the whole world but it costs you your soul?” Would that be worth it? With a bit of intelligence, we say no, that doesn’t seem worth it even if you’ve got the whole world if you traded your soul. That experience would be so bitter and awful and so devastating, it wouldn’t be worth it.

What if you got some gain by greed instead of legitimate ambition? I’m telling you, it might taste good up front, but it’s going to turn bitter in the belly. And a bit of that advice saves some people from devastation. Say, “Well you’re right. I’d better think twice about that.” So we must confront all laws. Spiritual laws, agricultural laws, basic laws, fundamental laws. We must confront all of those. But you still now can design your own life. A little or a lot. Go east, north, south.


17th October

Rev. Chris Oyakhilome Quotes Part 2.

“It’s not what you’re faced with that’s the problem, it’s what you do with the situation. Your experience is not the important thing; what really matters is what you do with your experience.”

“I’m boasting in God’s Word, because I’ve found out His Word works.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Prophecy – Understanding the Power that Controls Your Future

“You are not a success until you start changing other lives permanently.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

I work hard, but I work from a position of rest.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“God has not only made the promise of the Holy Spirit, He has actually given Him to us.”

“Until you respond to God by faith, you do not receive from Him, because God is a faith-God.”

“God has not only made the promise of the Holy Spirit, He has actually given Him to us. It’s up to us now to receive Him. But for you to receive from God, you will have to be ready to respond to Him by faith. Until you respond to God by faith, you do not receive from Him, because God is a faith-God.”

“There are two very important things you need to realize from this verse of Scripture. The first one is: Whatever we must receive from God must come as an act of faith, because God is a Faith-God.”

“When the Holy Spirit takes over your life, He’ll drive every sickness out of your body; He’ll make right everything that was wrong.”

“If you have the Holy Spirit and let Him take charge of your life, it doesn’t matter what your situation is, He’ll turn it around for your good.”

“When God speaks, the Holy Spirit is the One who brings it to pass. He’s the Doer of the things of God. So, when God wants to do something in your life, it will have to be by the Holy Spirit. This is why you need the Holy Spirit in your life today.”

“If the Holy Spirit takes over your family, your business or your health, it doesn’t matter what troubles you’ve been experiencing or what’s been going wrong, you will begin to go from strength to strength, from grace to grace, from faith to faith, from success to success and from greatness to greatness. When the Holy Spirit takes over your life, He’ll drive every sickness out of your body; He’ll make right everything that was wrong.”

“It’s absolutely imperative that you speak forth the Word concerning you, because until you do, it will have no power and it won’t work!”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Prophecy – Understanding the Power that Controls Your Future

“Your fellowship with God never came because of your righteousness. So how could your own righteousness maintain it?”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“Until you change a man’s thinking, you cannot change his life, you cannot change his state and therefore cannot change his estate.
The extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessing. How far your vision can go is how much you can possess.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“God Gives Birth To gods!”

“When the Holy Spirit comes into your life and you allow Him take charge of your life, He’ll bring in the anointing. The anointing of God’s Spirit will come upon everything you do.”

“This signifies that the presence of God is so smeared or rubbed on you like oil, that His presence is left on you, causing divine excellence and power.”

“When you’re anointed, you become blessed of God such that everything you touch or do prospers. To be “blessed” means to be empowered to prosper.”

“Every creature reproduces after its kind. A dog gives birth to dogs, a cat gives birth to cats, a cow gives birth to cows, a monkey reproduces monkeys and a human reproduces humans. So when God gives birth, what do you think He’ll reproduce? gods, of course! When God created Man, He created him in His image and after His likeness. That’s why we look like Him; we have two hands the same way He has two hands. We have two legs, one head, one mouth, one nose, two ears and two eyes just like Him.”

“This is the first thing the Holy Spirit does in your life. He brings you God’s presence, and when He does, you will no longer be in the dark. The Holy Spirit has a beautiful identity. He is called ‘The Angel of God’s presence.’ He is the One Who brings us the presence of God and makes it real to us.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, 7 Things The Holy Spirit Will Do For You

“The Holy Ghost unveils God’s Word to us; He reveals the things of God to us.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, 7 Things The Holy Spirit Will Do For You

“It is important for Christians to spend time praying with or in the spirit—that is, praying in tongues. The Bible says, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God” (Romans 8:14).”
― Chris Oyakhilome, How To Pray Effectively:

“When you speak in other tongues, no one understands what you’re saying, because you’re speaking to God. It’s a direct communication between your spirit and God. You’re speaking the language that only He understands.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, How To Pray Effectively: Understanding The Rules Of Prayer For Different Situations And How To Apply Them For Your Desired Outcome

“The anointing puts you over, because you now belong in the Kingdom of wisdom and knowledge.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, 7 Things The Holy Spirit Will Do For You

“A man without the Holy Ghost is a blind man. He may not know it but that’s what blindness is all about. A blind man is not just someone who cannot see, he can see alright, but all he sees is darkness. It’s the same thing in the realm of the spirit. A blind man in the realm of the spirit is one who doesn’t know the things of the spirit, he can’t see the things of the Spirit of God. But when the Holy Spirit comes into your life, you will no longer be blind because He will cause you to see what others can’t see.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, How To Pray Effectively:

“Excellence means that you’re prospering spiritually, mentally, physically and in every area of life. What does it mean to prosper? It means to do well, to have over and above, to walk in a high level with God. It means to be in a high class with God, where you can think like God and live like Him.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, 7 Things The Holy Spirit Will Do For You

“With the Holy Spirit, you have it made! For you, life is already successful.”


10th October


“The challenge may not go away when you pray, and when it doesn’t go away, it simply means God believes that He has trained you enough to face it and win.”
― Chris Oyakhilome

“If you act your faith, you may look foolish for five minutes; but if you don’t act your faith, you may be foolish forever.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Praying the Right Way

“You may flunk your exams in school and still make it in life, but if you flunk life’s exams, you’re sunk!”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“Every child is your child.”
― Chris Oyakhilome

“God sends you into a situation not so that He can show He is God; but rather for you to show who you are!”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“A pastor can teach you on TV, but he can’t pastor you on TV. There’s so much to gain by belonging to a church.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“As a child of God, you must realize that you are on the winning side of prophecy; until you win it is not over!”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“To become great, you have to be born great. If you are born again then you are the seed of Abraham. That means you have greatness in you!”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“There is nothing wrong with being poor; but there is everything wrong with remaining poor after you have discovered your riches in Christ.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“Until you prevail with God, you cannot prevail with men; your victory has to be spiritual first, before it is physical.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“Describing yourself by your earthly nativity is carnality. Being born again, your nativity is of divinity.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“We have to challenge ourselves and be innovative so as to change the world. Get to this level of thinking. No small dreams, do big things!”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“Kings don’t beg, they decree. They have only one destiny and that’s to reign. God has made you king. Reign and rule, refuse to beg!”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“Jesus gave us the victory with which He overcame Satan, and commissioned us to cast out devils in His Name.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“Success is causing the world around you to aspire to your inspiration.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“Revelation without a relationship produces rebellion.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“What you see with the eyes of faith is more real than what you see with your optical eyes.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“Good things don’t happen to the child of God; the child of God brings forth good things out of him.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“The devil has been defeated, stop trying to defeat him. What we have left is the fight of faith, and it’s a good fight!”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“The goal of the Christian is not to become like Jesus; because as He is, so are we in this world.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“If at the age of thirty you don’t know what God has called you to do; you may never know.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“God’s idea is for us to become the Word of God, in such a way that men can read the Word by looking at our lives.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“Christ is not only a person, Christ is a place. When you come into Christ, you don’t come into a person; you come into a place.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“God has never made a failure; that he gave birth to you means you are a success. Success is in your DNA.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“Every problem comes along with it’s solution; the bigger the problem, the bigger the testimony. Cheer up!”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“There is no such thing as a powerful prayer; we only have powerful people praying to a powerful God.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“Begging in the Name of Jesus is an insult to His Name. Use His Name as a king, with boldness!”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“As a Christian, you ought to be less concerned about where God is bringing you out from, rather, focus on where He’s taking you to.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“When you got born again your past was not erased, it became non-existent.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, Rhapsody Of Realities

“When the Holy Spirit comes to live within you, He will come with the ability to produce righteousness. Righteousness is the nature of God, which when imparted to the human spirit, produces the rightness of God in the human spirit. It gives man right standing with God; it gives him the ability to stand in the presence of God without a sense of guilt, inferiority or condemnation. It means rightness in God. The righteousness of God is wrought in you.”
― Chris Oyakhilome, 7 Things The Holy Spirit Will Do For You


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12th September

Don’t Trade Your Joy For a Cheap Trouble – Pastor Chris

People will always annoy you, offend you or get on your nerves but the ability to remain peaceful shows you are more mature and full of wisdom.
When you say, someone is looking for your trouble, you are indirectly saying you have trouble in you. No, you don’t have trouble but peace in you, because the Spirit of God in you is the Spirit of peace, love, joy and happiness. Don’t confess what God has not given you into your life.

When someone want to make trouble with you, they are actually making a demand of what you are made of. The question is, what are you made of?
The intension of the enemies is to steal your joy, love or happiness to make you sad, angry or bitter.

Instead of buying into their troubles, market your peace to them. Peace is more valuable and expensive compare to trouble. Don’t go down to their level nor give room to the devil in your life.
Darkness doesn’t require effort to operate but light require energy to shine.
Understand, evil breed easily in this world because Satan is in charge of the world system.
Remember, you are in the world but not of the world. You are children of light, so let your light so shine before men so that they will glorify your heavenly Father.

Instead of giving them a piece of anger, give them a piece of your love. Instead of giving them a piece of bitterness, give them a piece of your happiness.
Trade them with what you are made of and don’t let them buy you over into their troubles.
It’s more honorable to remain in peace than to join hands with trouble maker.


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5th September

5 Ways To Play To Your Strength

– Success Team.

As hard as some days are, it’s the difficult ones that can really bring tremendous growth in your life. When it feels like you are about to lose it all, you have to find the strength to overcome it. You have to awaken that strong spirit of resilience.

Don’t wait for a crisis to start building your inner strength. Embrace it right now. By taking control of your thoughts, you can summon the strength needed to face life’s biggest moments ―no questions asked.

Risky Business
Commit to delegating some of your daily workload to an existing or new staffer. Take a healthy risk on a person who has shown honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic.

Vitals Check
Write out the 10 most important things in your life. Place that list on your bathroom mirror as a reminder of the things that need to stay at the top of your priority list.

Build Bravery
Do one small thing every day that scares you. Courage is like a muscle. Build it with deliberate and repetitive action.

Watch and Learn
Do you feel stuck in your career? Find someone who is where you want to be. Meet with him or her to develop a plan that will take you where you should be.

Assess Yourself
Do circumstances make you apprehensive about standing up for your values and beliefs? Identify the five triggers that hijack your moral courage. Focus on eliminating one per month.


29th August

4 Reasons to Take Control of Your Destiny. – Jim Rohn

One of the first things successful people realize is the old adage, “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

For you, that means that your success, your course is up to you. This doesn’t mean that you do it all alone. It simply means that you take responsibility for your life and your career.

Too many people today look at opportunity and figure it is up to someone else to make sure they get it. They wait and wait, figuring that it is up to someone else. And then the wait is over, and it is too late to do anything. Their life is over and they are filled with regret.

But this isn’t true for you. You know that you must take responsibility for your life. It is up to you.

The fact is, nobody else is going to do it for you. You must do it yourself.

Now, some people might think, That’s a lot of responsibility. But here’s what I think: That is the best news you can ever hear. You get to choose your life. Hundreds of millions of people all around the world would give anything to live in the situation you do —to have the opportunity to take control of their destiny. “It is up to you” is a great blessing!

Here’s why:

1. You get to chart your own destiny.
Maybe you want to start a small business and stay there. That’s great because you can choose that. Maybe you want to create a small chain of stores. Maybe you want to have a net worth of $100 million. That’s OK, too. The point is that you get to choose. You can do whatever you like. Different people have different dreams and they should live them accordingly.

2. You reap what you sow.
Sleep in and go to work late and reap the return. Or get up early and outwork the others and earn a greater return. Place your capital at risk and earn a return. Place your capital at greater risk and perhaps reap a greater return. You decide what you will sow and thus what you will reap.

3. No one else can stop you from achieving your dream.
Yes, there will always be obstacles that come up and people who may not like what you are doing, but you can just move on and chart your own course. There is great freedom in that.

4. You experience the joy of self-determination.
There is no greater pride than knowing you set your mind on something and accomplished it. Those who live with a victim mentality never get to experience the joy of accomplishment because they are always waiting for someone else to come to the rescue. Those who take responsibility get to live the joy of seeing a job well done.

Let me ask you a question: Where will you be in five years? Ten years? Twenty-five years? Do you know? Do you have an idea? Have you ever dreamed about it or set a goal for it? Are you willing to take responsibility and recognize that it is up to you?

You will be wherever you decide to be at that point. You decide. It is up to you.

And that is very exciting!






22nd August

Stop Wishing for the Life You Want
Ambition is a minute-by-minute, day-by-day mentality—an eager desire. -Jim Rohn

To many people, ambition is kind of a mystery. The dictionary says it is “an eager desire for distinction, power or fame.” But what does that really mean? Let’s start with the word eager. All by itself, eager is kind of exciting. Kids are eager for birthday parties. They expect to be the center of attention, to get many presents, to eat too much. For that matter, I guess adults are eager for birthdays, too. (Unless, of course, they’re embarrassed that the candles on their cake outnumber their achievements.) We can be eager to see a ball game, eager to see our kids in a dance recital, eager to see an old friend, eager to shop for a new car. Eager sounds like a lot of fun!

But do you ever hear people say they are “eager to live a better life,” “eager to have a better family,” “eager to make a lot of money”? Probably not. And that’s a problem, because as I see it, living a better life, having a better family and making a lot of money takes an eager desire.

We have the remarkable ability to get exactly what we must have. But there is a difference between wishes and desires. We’ve all heard people say, “Oh, I wish I could just drop five pounds. I want to be a little lighter.” We’ve probably said it ourselves. Although we might wish we could breathe a little easier in our clothing, we have to have the desire to exercise a little more and eat a little less. The “I wish I could lose weight” has to become “I have the eager desire to lose weight.”

The backbone of an eager desire to change is discipline. True ambition is disciplined, eager desire.

I’m also sure you’ve hear people talk about wishing they had more money to pay the bills, take a vacation or just take a little pressure out of their lives. But before their lifestyle can change, their wishes need to become desires. If they really desired change, they wouldn’t spend their evenings just watching TV and wishing they were doing something more.

The backbone of an eager desire to change is discipline. True ambition is disciplined, eager desire. It’s that little part within us that says, “If I want to be ready for that meeting tomorrow, I need to finish preparing for it today.” “If I want to make sure I can pay for my kid’s college education, I need to start saving today.” “If I want a better life tomorrow, I need to start working on it today.”

Ambition is a minute-by-minute, day-by-day mentality. To have the ambition to work toward a better family life, a newer car, a bigger house, a financially secure future … you have to live it every moment.



15th August

Character Is Your Masterpiece to Build
Once formed, character serves as a solid, lasting foundation upon which to build the life you desire -Jim Rohn

Could creating your character be likened to an artist creating a sculpture? I believe that character is not something that just happens by itself any more than a chisel can create a work of art without the hand of an artist guiding it. In both instances, a conscious decision for a specific outcome has been made. A conscious process is at work. Character is the result of hundreds and hundreds of choices you make that gradually turn who you are, at any given moment, into who you want to be. If that decision-making process is not present, you will still be somebody. You will still be alive but might have a personality rather than a character.

Character is not something you were born with and can’t change. In fact, because you weren’t born with it, it is something that you must take responsibility for creating. I don’t believe that adversity by itself builds character, and I certainly don’t think that success erodes it. Character is built by how you respond to what happens in your life—whether it’s winning every game, losing every game, getting rich or dealing with hard times. You build character out of certain qualities that you must create and diligently nurture within yourself—just like you would plant and water a seed or gather wood and build a campfire. You have to look for those things in your heart and gut. You have to chisel away in order to find them, just like chiseling away the rock to create the sculpture that previously only existed in your imagination.

But do you want to know the amazing thing about character? If you are sincerely committed to making yourself into the person you want to be, you’ll not only create those qualities, but you’ll continually strengthen them. And you will recreate them in abundance even as you are drawing on them every day of your life. Character sustains itself and nurtures itself as it is being put to work, tested and challenged. Once it is formed, character will serve as a solid, lasting foundation upon which to build the life you desire.


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8th August

6 Qualities of Wildly Successful People
-Brian Tracy

Do you want to be successful? If you think the way the most successful people think and adopt the same habits they have, you can be.

But what makes someone a master achiever? Here are six characteristics:

1. They are ambitious.
They see themselves capable of being the best. They see themselves with the capacity of being really good at what they do.

This was a really big thought for me. It held me back for many years. When I saw people who were doing better than I was, I naturally assumed they were better than I was. And if they were better than I was, then I must be worse than them. So that would mean they were superior and I was inferior.

That’s a big problem in our society—we have feelings of inferiority, and these feelings of inferiority are often translated into feelings of undeservedness. The word “deserve” comes from two Latin words meaning “from service.” You deserve 100 percent of everything you make and enjoy as long as you get it from serving other people. If you serve better and serve more and serve at a higher level and serve more enthusiastically and serve a higher quality, then you’ll have a wonderful income—and you’ll deserve every penny of it.

You just must see yourself capable of being the best.

2. They are courageous.
Successful people work to confront the fears that hold most people back. The two biggest enemies to our success are fear and doubt.

When you do something repeatedly, you develop a habit. Make a habit throughout your life of doing the things that scare you. If you do the thing you fear, the death of fear is certain.

So face your fear. The ability to confront your fear is the mark of the superior person. If you have high ambition and you decide to be at the top, and you can confront your fears and do the things that are holding you back, those two things alone will make you a great success.

3. They are committed.
The top people in every field are completely committed. They believe in themselves; they believe in their companies; they believe in their products and services; they believe in their customers. They have an intense belief.

We know that there is a one-to-one relationship between the depth of your belief and what happens in your reality. And if you absolutely believe in the rightness and the goodness of what you’re doing, you become like a catalyst. You create what is called a transfer, like an electrical transfer of enthusiasm.

People who are not committed to what they do lead very empty lives. Caring is a critical element in life—all men and women who enjoy great lives care about what they do. They have passion about what they do. They love what they do.

4. They are prepared.
Successful people review every detail in advance. They do things that the average person is not willing to do. They make sacrifices the average person is not willing to make. But the difference it makes is extraordinary.

Before you go into a meeting, do your homework. Before you give a speech, research the information and practice your talking points. Dive in deep to review every detail of every situation before you take it on.

Successful people are more concerned about pleasing results than they are about pleasing methods. There is nothing more complimentary to your team, your client, your audience than the feeling that you have thoughtfully prepared.

Start preparing for tomorrow with this evening routine.

5. They are continuous learners.
High achievers recognize that if they’re not continually getting better, they’re getting worse. They read, they listen to CDs and they take additional training. The professional never stops learning. So read, listen to CDs and take continuous training.

Never stop learning.

6. They are responsible.
The top people in our society have an attitude of self-employment. That’s essential, because 100 percent of us are self-employed—we are presidents of our own personal services corporation. You work for yourself, and the biggest mistake we can ever make is to think we work fo anyone else. The person who signs our paycheck may change, our jobs may change, but we are always the same. We are the one constant.

The fact of the matter is that this is not optional—it is mandatory. You’re the president of your own career, your own life, your own finances, your own body, your own family, your own health. You are totally responsible.

We have to be responsible. No one will ever do it for us. It’s the most liberating and exhilarating thought of all, to think, to realize, that you’re the president of your own life.



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1st August

19 Wise Money Quotes

‘You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.’
Lydia Sweatt

Money can be a pretty sweet deal; it can provide you with an exciting lifestyle, glorious things, sometimes a little happiness. The catch? Sometimes there isn’t enough money to go around—and it can only buy you happiness to a certain extent.

And since there are no trees growing free cash, no dollar bills raining from the sky into our purses and wallets, most of us live in a world of budgets. But, the good thing is, when you take control of your money, you take control of your life, too.

Here are 19 quotes to inspire you to really appreciate your hard-earned money.

1. “Never spend your money before you have earned it.” —Thomas Jefferson

2. “It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.” —George Lorimer

3. “There is a gigantic difference between earning a great deal of money and being rich.” —Marlene Dietrich

4. “Money is usually attracted, not pursued.” —Jim Rohn

5. “If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.” —Edmund Burke

6. “A simple fact that is hard to learn is that the time to save money is when you have some.” —Joe Moore

7. “Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are.” —James W. Frick

8. “If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.” —Benjamin Franklin

9. “Many folks think they aren’t good at earning money, when what they don’t know is how to use it.” —Frank A. Clark

10. “Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time.” —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

11. “Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” —Ayn Rand

12. “Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.” —P.T. Barnum

13. “You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.” —Dave Ramsey

14. “It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” —Robert Kiyosaki

15. “The habit of saving is itself an education; it fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought, and so broadens the mind.” —T.T. Munger

16. “A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.” —Jonathan Swift

17. “Money is multiplied in practical value depending on the number of W’s you control in your life: what you do, when you do it, where you do it, and with whom you do it.” —Timothy Ferriss

18. “The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it in your back pocket.” —Will Rogers

19. “Money is a guarantee that we may have what we want in the future. Though we need nothing at the moment it insures the possibility of satisfying a new desire when it arises.” —Aristotle






July 25th

The Major Key to Your Best Future Is You – Jim Rohn

Of all the things that can affect your future, personal growth is most important. In other words, the major key to your better future is you. Now, there are many things that will help your future, personally and professionally.

If you belong to a strong, dynamic, progressive company with good leadership, that would help. If the company has good products and services you are proud of, that also helps. If there is a good training program that, too, would help.

If it doesn’t storm, if your car doesn’t break down, if the kids don’t get sick, if the neighbors stay halfway civil, if your relatives don’t bug you, if it isn’t too cold, if it isn’t too hot… all of these things, too, would help your future.

We could go on and on with the list, but remember this: The things I’ve just listed, and many more—all put together—play only a minor role in your best future.

Because the major key to a better future is you. Lock your mind on this.

When asked, “How do you develop an above-average income?” my friend responds, “Simple. Become an above-average person.” Work on you.

“Develop an above-average handshake. A lot of people want to be successful, and they don’t even work on their handshake. As easy as that would be to start, they let it slide. They don’t understand,” he says. “Develop an above-average smile. Develop an above-average excitement. Develop an above-average dedication. Develop an above-average interest in other people. To have more, become more.”

Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

Strangely enough, with two different people in the same company, one might earn $100 or even $1,000 more a month. What could possibly be the difference? If the products were the same, if the training was the same, if they both had the same literature, the same tools, the same teacher, the same compensation plan, if they both attended the same meetings… why would one person earn more? Remember the difference is personal—inside, not outside.

Someone once said, “The magic is not in the products. The magic is not in the literature. The magic is not in the film…. The magic that makes things better is inside of you, and personal growth makes this magic work for you.”



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Supernatural Blessings

July 18th

*5 Tips To Live An Abundant Life*
-By Success Team

When you stand on the beach and watch the waves hit the shore, do you think there’s any end to the water? That’s how the abundance mindset works.

You give away praise, recognition, ideas, knowledge and money because you know there’s plenty to go around. What you give away will come back to you a thousand times over. We guarantee it.

*Remember Happy*

Emotional enemies such as doubt and fear can hold you back from achieving your goals. Write down your top three accomplishments and put this list somewhere obvious as a reminder of your worth.

*Level Up*

Who would you be if money, time or other commitments weren’t a factor? What could you accomplish if nothing stood in your way? Take time to reflect on your life and ensure you’re living the best version of you.

*Embrace optimism*

Struggling to see a brighter future? Remind yourself that life—and negative situations—are cyclical. What was once the biggest problem in your life is now only a blip in the rearview mirror.

*Continue learning*

Sign up for one new class or online course this week. It might not benefit your career or make you wealthier, but it will increase your knowledge, which is vital to your growth. Embrace a student mindset.

*Give kindness*

Reach out with words of encouragement this week. Kindness has a physiological effect on both the giver and the receiver, so embrace the gift you give to yourself and others.




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July 11th

3 Ways Self-Improvement Can Change Your Life by Tyler Leslie

I read my first 10 personal development books in three months. It was after that that I met the girl of my dreams. She was an author and she lived in Australia—and, today, I am happily living in Australia with her.

Focusing on self-improvement has presented many opportunities in our lives—like speaking at live events, writing for online publications and traveling the world.

This can happen for you, too.

But in order for things to change in your life, in order to get where you want to be, you have to grow into the person who is ready for that change. Personal development is vital to your success.

Here are three specific ways focusing on self-improvement can change your life:

1. It presents you with new opportunities.
Growth in yourself eventually leads you to new opportunities, opportunities that don’t come about until you grow into the person who is ready for them. All you have to do is focus on self-improvement—start by reading personal development articles, books, blogs—and implement the things you learn into your own life.

2. It increases your self-esteem to new levels.
Self-confidence is ultimately the starting point to following your dreams— you have to believe in yourself and your dreams enough to go after them. As you grow, you’re building up that mindset, that belief.

When I picked up my very first personal development book— Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill— that’s when my self-esteem started rising, when I really started to believe in myself and my goals. Reading success books was what pushed me to grow, to change, the motivation behind my goals.

3. It can help you become a better version of yourself.
Becoming a better version of yourself is the main goal of self-improvement—to improve in your job, your business, your relationships. Whatever area of your life you’re working on, that’s part of growing as a person. You have to constantly look at what you can improve and have the awareness to know what needs to be done to do it.

The most effective way of finding out how to get better is to ask the people around you to make a list of what you’re best at and where you could make improvements. Take the list of improvements and work on them one by one.

What areas of self-improvement are you working on, and how has it changed your life?


July 4th

How Do You Attract Opportunity Into Your Life?

by Jim Rohn

Someone once asked me the question, “How can I have more opportunities come into my life?” It is a good question —but I think my answer might have surprised them a bit.

I bypassed the obvious (and necessary) points about hard work, persistence and preparation. They actually were very hard workers. And they had the great attribute of being seekers, on the outlook. So what were they missing?

Attraction —the most valuable point.

I always thought opportunities and success were something you went after. Then I found out that I needed to turn it around. Opportunities and success are not something you go after necessarily but something you attract by becoming an attractive person.

That’s why I teach development of skills. If you can develop your skills, keep refining all the parts of your character and yourself, your health, your relationships so that you become an attractive person—you’ll attract opportunity. Opportunity will probably seek you out. Your reputation will probably precede you and someone will want to do business with you.

All of the possibilities are there by working on the philosophy that success is something you attract.

The key is to continue making yourself a more attractive person by the skills you have, the disciplines you have, the personality you’ve acquired, the character and reputation you have established, the language and speech you use—all of that refinement makes you more attractive.

Personal development is the never-ending chance to improve not only yourself but also to attract opportunities and affect others.


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