DEEPEX (coined from DEEP EXPERIENCE) Deep, Deeper, DEEPEX!

DEEPEX is LIZA C’s invitation to everyone who loves to worship God with an awe-Inspiring reverence and obedience to come together in deep worship.

Unveiled in August,12th 2012 at the Gloryland Dome with hundreds of worshipers in attendance. We were privileged and blessed to have Dr. I.S. James courting the spirit. It was indeed an unforgettable evening of deep worship experience as the anointing of God’s awesome presence mightily rested upon us.

I was honoured to be joined by anointed music Ministers – Sammie Okposo, EBEN leading in different worship sessions.

DEEPEX is a Platform for serenading the Almighty. Giving and receiving of his Love. Communing in depth. That moment in time when we go even deeper, soaked in his love and lost in words for worship.

DEEPEX is a call to every tribe and nation to  worship the only true God in Spirit and in Truth.

It takes a spirit to connect with a spirit. God is a Spirit and he seeks worshipers who must worship Him in spirit and in truth. John 4:21-24

Bodies, places and locations can’t contain us when we worship. We can’t be limited. We carry his presence to generate worship everywhere, that’s why Worship is a transformation journey from glory to glory. It permeates every fibre of our being.

As we worship we are transported from one level of glory to another. 2cor3:17-18

This Platform is aimed at restoring the spirit of worship without limits and promoting the consciousness of God’s presence everywhere.

Worship is not an event. It is the Christian Lifestyle. It is obedience to instructions from the Spirit and by the Spirit.

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