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Liza C gospel artiste, philanthropist (organizer of the “LIZA C STREET CONCERT”)

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LIZA C is a Renowned and Accomplished Gospel Musician with the full names – Elizabeth Ndidi MOSES.

She is an award winning Singer, Songwriter, motivational Writer/Blogger, dynamic and anointed worship Leader, youth Coach, brand Ambassador, Humanitarian, Vice President of Spring Media Entertainment and CEO of Liza Moses Foundation.

She made her entry into the music scene in 2002 with a bang introducing a whole new revolution with her hit single’BE BOLD’.

Liza C Street Concert

Liza C Street Concert is about Touching lives,

Winning souls, Changing lives, Dispensing God’s blessings

with Material Gifts to needy communities using Music

as a major Tool and Love our Drive.

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Liza C Street Concert

Liza C Street Concert is about Touching lives, Winning souls, Changing lives, Dispensing God’s blessings with Material Gifts

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Deepex Moments

Develop More Character

YOU are standing at a critical crossroads in history...Turn on the evening news and you’ll find slander, dishonesty, and filth.Take a look at the role models your children look up to and you’ll notice patterns of loose standards, unrealistic expectations, and unworthy...

3 Ways To Improve Your Self – Image By John C. Maxwell

It’s so vital that, when you look in the mirror, you value the person staring back at you. I want to give you three strategies to help you appreciate all that you have inside. Put these into practice, and every time you take a step, think a positive thought, make a...


Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us (Romans 8:37).In Christ, you’re ordained to prosper, succeed, and triumph all the time. We’re supremely and transcendentally blessed in Christ. We win all the time, irrespective of the...

4 Ways to Reach Your Personal Bestby John C. Maxwell

Look in the mirror—that’s your competition.To reach your personal best, you need to learn how to challenge the person in the mirror. He or she is your toughest adversary. Discovering how to overcome limitations, fears, self-doubts— and the tendency to write off those...

5 Steps to Really Believe In Yourself.

5 Steps to Really Believe In Yourself. Mastery, of course, comes after getting really good at something. The more time you put in, the more adept you feel, and ultimately, the more confident you become. So taking action is the first step to becoming confident. And if...

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D.: Ending the year with great declarations. Keep testifying- I DECLARE THAT

I am like a tree planted by the rivers of water, my leaves are evergreen and shall never wither. I am flourishing like the cedars of Lebanon. I don't know when dryness comes. I function under the unction of the Holy Spirit and I know all things. I am like the city set...

True Success Begins the Second You Start Giving Back – David Ahearn

The spirit of giving back is the very essence of a successful life. It is the heritage of our deepest dreams and desires to succeed to such a level that once one has risen to the top, the greatest of those successful people devote a portion of their lives to giving...

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