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5 Steps to Really Believe In Yourself.

March 2, 2022

5 Steps to Really Believe In Yourself.

Mastery, of course, comes after getting really good at something. The more time you put in, the more adept you feel, and ultimately, the more confident you become. So taking action is the first step to becoming confident. And if at first you fail, well, know that you’re in good company and success is around the corner.

Take action. Use what you learn to take action again. Repeat until you consistently get results you can feel proud and confident about.

Don’t Worry.
Anxiety is a natural and shared human feeling. But don’t let a disproportionate level of anxiety hold you back. Spend some time reflecting on how much you worry about things without addressing them. Be Anxious for Nothing.

Love Thyself.
Write down every negative thought you have today, and apologize to yourself for each one. Remind yourself that even though you have made mistakes, you are not a failure. A little self-compassion goes a long way.

Focus on your strengths this week. If your job isn’t satisfying your entrepreneurial spirit, consider a side gig that plays to your talent and passion.

Stretch Yourself.
Your worldview was molded by your parents, teachers, classmates, and religious upbringing. This week, branch out to see the world from the Word’s perspective.
You are who God says You are, You can do what He says you can do and you have what He says you have.

Reaching your goals doesn’t happen overnight. When you’re tired from working on the weekends, remind yourself this isn’t supposed to be easy. Faith does not make things easy but only makes them Possible.

Don’t Stop Believing in You. You’re The Best.



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