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Always On Duty

October 9, 2019

You are always on duty in the Christian life. You can never relax. There is no such thing as holiday in the realm of the spirit. 

You are a warrior. There are no sissies or weaklings in God’s army. If you must make progress in your walk of faith, you must keep doing the things of faith. You must keep praying. You must keep studying the word. You must keep fasting. You must keep walking in love. You must keep giving. You must keep sowing seeds. You must keep confessing the word. You must keep fellowshipping with the brethren ( going to church). You must keep reading. You must keep learning. You must always remain humble.

You cannot afford to take a break from this life. It is too risky. You cannot afford not to walk in love. You cannot afford to take a break from going to church. It is too dangerous. You must stay in God. The world is getting crazier and crazier day by day but the Lord is your stay.

You cannot afford to take a break from God; not this time. It is risky; it is dangerous. It might cost you your life. If there is ever a time to evaluate your Christian life and see where you are to determine how you’ll get to the next level, is now. You cannot go on holiday from the life of faith. Such thing doesn’t exist in the life we are called to. Now is the time to intensify your giving, your sowing, your praying and fasting. If you are just a Sunday christian only, it’s time to add other days to your church activities. If you are a Christian that remembers scriptures only when you are in trouble, now is the time to eat them like your necessary food.

The time is fast coming that you will need the word of God more than the very air you breath. The time is coming when food only can no longer sustain your physical body. Stand up and be a Christian. Not just in word but in deed. Stand for Jesus unashamedly anywhere you are. Openly display Him in your life. Don’t hide Him. Don’t leave Him at home as you go to class. Don’t leave Him in your car as you go into your work. Take Him along with you. He is all you need; He is all the world needs today.

Don’t take a break from the Christian life. If you aren’t seeing the result you expected in your life, don’t give up keep working on it. God is with you. Keep doing the right things. He sees you. He knows. God bless you



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