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Ask These Six Questions To Successfully Reinvent Yourself In 2021 – Tony Robbins

February 17, 2021

  1. What am I here to serve?
    This question is not easy. But it’s crucial. Instead of thinking, I want to be richer, smarter or more successful, try to tap into your true internal drive.
  2. What is my core passion?
    Once you’ve identified what you’re here to serve, connect to your core passion. Ask yourself why you want to pursue it.

“The most successful people on earth know what they’re here to deliver and they know why,” “And then figure out the how.”

  1. What resources are available to me?
    Before taking action, figure out what assets are at your disposal. What brilliant minds do you have access to? Who can you consult for advice? What can you read, absorb and take in that will help you on your path?
  2. What do I need to change in myself?
    Figure out what you need to do differently to achieve a renewed sense of self. What skills do you need to acquire? What do you need to retool in yourself? Is there anything you need to condition your mind to do?

Regardless of what you’re changing in your life, make sure it’s something truly meaningful to you, not just a quick fix or a Band-Aid on a deeper problem.

  1. What is my how?
    Remember: This step should not come before you’ve identified your why.

“Come up with a vision of something that you’re driven by, and then come up with strong enough reasons to figure out the how,” “But if you start with the how, it’ll be overwhelming.”

Only once you’ve truly identified your why—your core passion—can you begin to think about the how. How are you going to execute? How can you leverage your resources, passion and skills to make this happen?

  1. How can I implement this?
    It’s time to take action. And remember that it’s OK to change course if things aren’t working.

As you’re implementing, you have to stay awake to what’s working and what’s not, and change your approach.

Regardless of what you’re changing in your life, make sure it’s something truly meaningful to you, not just a quick fix or a Band-Aid on a deeper problem.

“When you reinvent yourself, you’re going through a process of how do I become more so I can give more?”
“If that’s your mindset, you’re probably going to prosper. If you’re saying, ‘I want to reinvent myself so I just feel a little better,’ you’re probably not going to pull it off.”



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