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Don’t Trade Your Joy For a Cheap Trouble – Pastor Chris

September 9, 2020

People will always annoy you, offend you or get on your nerves but the ability to remain peaceful shows you are more mature and full of wisdom.
When you say, someone is looking for your trouble, you are indirectly saying you have trouble in you. No, you don’t have trouble but peace in you, because the Spirit of God in you is the Spirit of peace, love, joy and happiness. Don’t confess what God has not given you into your life.

When someone want to make trouble with you, they are actually making a demand of what you are made of. The question is, what are you made of?
The intension of the enemies is to steal your joy, love or happiness to make you sad, angry or bitter.

Instead of buying into their troubles, market your peace to them. Peace is more valuable and expensive compare to trouble. Don’t go down to their level nor give room to the devil in your life.
Darkness doesn’t require effort to operate but light require energy to shine.
Understand, evil breed easily in this world because Satan is in charge of the world system.
Remember, you are in the world but not of the world. You are children of light, so let your light so shine before men so that they will glorify your heavenly Father.

Instead of giving them a piece of anger, give them a piece of your love. Instead of giving them a piece of bitterness, give them a piece of your happiness.
Trade them with what you are made of and don’t let them buy you over into their troubles.
It’s more honorable to remain in peace than to join hands with trouble maker.




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