Liza C Street Concert is about Touching lives, Winning souls, Changing lives, Dispensing God’s blessings with Material Gifts to needy communities using Music as a major Tool and Love our Drive.


In April 2017 LIZA C took to the street to celebrate 15 years of Passion, Music Impact, God’s faithfulness in her milestones and more. Giving out gifts/food items to the women, youth and children.

Shortly after a successful outreach and it’s huge impact on the community – a movement was birthed.

Few months later on the 23rd of September there was a strong desire to reach out again to the Ijesha-tedo community with the #LizaCstreetconcert2 and it was a super success. Such a beautiful experience as needs were met, souls were won, lives blessed as lots of relief materials were given out.

Liza C Street Concert 6

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Liza C Street Concert 2

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