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The Cost Of Failing To Plan

February 10, 2021

Failing to plan in other words means planning to fail.
Someone said success is not owned, it’s rented, and the rent is due everyday

As the sole architect of your destiny, planning is required for everyday progress

Be very honest have you drawn out a yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily plan for yourself in pursuit of your goals and dreams?

If you haven’t yet, Do So Now.
No one will do this for you, it’s your sole responsibility.
Remember, the difference between could and did lies in planning and action, so become your own master planner, greatest coach and advocate for change. Don’t take no for an answer, especially from yourself.

Having a clear plan will give you direction and will help you focus because life is busy, you don’t have time to simultaneously focus on a thousand different areas of your life. That’s exhausting and, frankly, not helpful.

Make sure you are utilizing one of your greatest tools: your mind and your own voice. That inner voice will help you formulate a plan. Your voice holds the power to boost your confidence and help you both navigate and learn from setbacks when they occur.
There are times the road will be challenging and tiring, then those are times to be more determined to win and excel in all you do.

Reprogram your thought process by telling yourself these four things every day.

  1. I Can Do it now.

Procrastination will keep you in a perpetual state of indecision. You’ll make excuse after excuse that will eventually ground you and your dream. If you’re continually telling yourself it’s OK to do nothing, then nothing will be what you achieve. Instead, allow your inner voice to motivate you daily and strongly commit to your dream with a sense of urgency.

  1. I deserve the best.

Nothing is too good for you, and nothing is too big for you to achieve. You have what it takes to achieve your goals.
Get out of your comfort zone, don’t settle for anything less when you can be all the way successful.
Whatever your dream might be. Whether it’s pursuing a career, new job, starting your business, family etc, begin by reminding yourself that you deserve a brighter future, and then invest in yourself by giving your all. Never cut corners on what’s most important: your happiness.

  1. I know I can.

You must consistently make faith filled decisions to reach your full potential. Never allow fear to paralyze your progress, make sure your self-talk is stronger than the voice of fear, and relentlessly affirm Gods words.

Believe you can succeed. What you say to yourself is most important.
In the face of disappointment never consider yourself a failure.
Always say to yourself
No failures, I win or I learn.

Fear of failure, including the inability to reclaim your forward momentum after a setback, is one of the greatest obstacles to success, and one that can often be effectively addressed by empowering your inner voice and drowning external negative voices. This voice will drive you on. It will mean the difference between giving up and persevering.

I understand it may sometimes take a while but you can also take advantage of additional resources at your disposal, such as individual therapy/discipline. Getting a successful mentor.

The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them.

  1. The Grace- Advantage.

Successfully reaching your goals/ dreams is also by grace; therefore, be more conscious of the grace-advantage; God’s divine ability to cause you to excel beyond your dreams. Psalm 37:4-5 says, “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.”
Trust God’s ability in you, stand firm on His Word.



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